About BoatSeatSystem

When fishing from a boat your body carriage is of great importance. This applies to your back, neck and arms. The position and height of your boat chair while fishing have a major impact on your catches. In an optimal position you can fish by the feel of it and strike more successful. The structure of a fishing boat has a direct impact on catches. Connoisseurs know this.
BoatSeatSystem is originated from practice. From the experience with fixed seat positions in fishing boats and experience with existing slider systems. These systems are often not really convenient and fast. With BoatSeatSystem, you are able to switch positions with your chair quickly, easily and securely. With BoatSeatSystem you can always bring your boat in balance while sailing by dividing your own weight optimally on the boat.

Experienced anglers in practice

Meanwhile some very experienced boat anglers are driving around with the rail system of BoatSeatSystem. E.g. Jeroen Wensink, co-developer of the system, and winner of the NKS Finals 2012 at the Nieuwe Merwede with fishing buddy Harold Wildeboer. Jeroen is fishing for years now with the BoatSeatSystem in his Lund.
But also NKS legend Chris Bloemert, two times NKS Final Champion, has the system in his boat for at least ten years now and it still works flawless after all these years.
Another predator fishing-crack, Wim van der Velde, is driving around now for several years and is very satisfied with the system. Read the complete story about his boat on the Roofvisnet website:
> http://www.roofvisnet.nl/in-de-boot-genomen

For additional information read the press release on Total Fishing:
> http://www.totalfishing.nl