BoatSeatSystem consists of an aluminum rail system, on which the boatseat can be moved smoothly by 32 wheels in transverse direction. The selected position is secured with a clamp. This clamp can be easily operated by foot or hand. The clamping force is 340 kg. More than enough to keep you in a secure and safe position during very turbulent water. While sailing on the outboard seat position to the right (starboard) is preferred. While sailing on the electric motor seat position to the left (port)is preferred. If you arrive on a fishing spot, you can take tension off the clamp with your foot or hand. The seat can then be moved and then secured with the clamp again. Moving the seat is quick and easy.

Technical Description

The rails are mounted on the floor of your boat. On the rails runs an aluminum plate (L 320 mm, W 320 mm, D 8 mm) by means of 32 wheels. The wheels are mounted in sets of four under the plate with bolts. The chair leg is mounted on the base plate of the leg on the aluminum plate. The position of the aluminum plate in the rails is secured with a clamp. This clamp has a tensile strength of 340 kg. At the end of the rails are stoppers to prevent the wheels running out the rails. (video is under contruction). The system is professionally installed for you. It is easily removable and can be removed without damage to your boat and possibly be placed in a new boat if you wish. I use the system in combination with a gas lift chair leg, so that you can achieve a high sitting positionĀ and operate the electric motor easily.


The materials used are of high quality and durable. The system has a long life, even under heavy loads. The till now installed systems, which are burdened heavily, last for ten years and still function properly. The system does not need much maintenance. The rails are made of aluminum. The wheels are made of stainless steel and hard plastic. The clamp, all bolts, nuts and screws are made of stainless steel.


Please inquir for quotation, eventually including installation. It is possible to order a Springfield taperlock baseplate (Flush or BulkHead) and gasspring chairleg.